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Portable Executable for .NET
PE.Net is a .Net framework based library for whom willing to work with PE (Portable Executable) files.

This project aims to provide an open source .Net library for obtaining data from PE files in static mode (not in run-time mode). The current possibilities of PE.Net are as following:
  1. Reading DOS Header
  2. Reading NT Header
  3. Reading Section Table
  4. Reading Section Raw Data
  5. Parsing Debug Directory
  6. Parsing Export Directory
  7. Parsing Import Directory
  8. Parsing Exception Directory
  9. Parsing Relocation Directory
  10. Parsing TLS Directory
  11. Parsing Load Config Directory
  12. Parsing CLR Directory

{The current version is 0.7}

The ongoing features that are going to be added to library are:
  • Supporting the 64 Bit PE Files
  • Supporting .Net Metadata in PE Files
  • Supporting of Writing Abilities
  • Provisioning the Disassembling Mechanism
    • Linear Binary Disassembly
    • Flow Based Binary Disassembly
    • MSIL Disassembly

Email me and give feedback to improve this work

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